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1.75mm Grey eSUN High-speed Filament 1kg Roll

1.75mm Grey eSUN High-speed Filament 1kg Roll

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Finding the balance between filament melting and cooling, eSUN PLA HS High Speed PLA has excellent fluidity during filament melting, and can cool faster during printing and molding. This ensures smooth printing without clogging and fast cooling without deformation during high-speed printing.Features - Good balance of strength, rigidity and toughness for strong impact resistance. - Extracted and purified from corn grain for an environmentally friendly composition. - Ready to print on any open source desktop or industrial printer. - Low shrinkage rate means a uniform diameter so you wont get any cracking or issues being brittle. - Up to ten times stronger than standard PLA. - Delivers exceptional performance consistently. - The easiest to work with and most importantly USER FRIENDLY!Printing Settings - Best Printing Temperature:210-230℃ (215℃ recommended) - Bed Temperature:0-70℃. - Printing Speed:50~350mm/s. NOTE: This is a special order line which is not stocked in all retail stores but can be ordered. Please call your local store to check if they have stock on hand.